Christina, the daintiest, most sophisticated bitch you’ll ever meet.

- Loving wife 💎

- Adoring mom to three fur babies 🐈

- Emergency Room RN 🩺

- Runner 🏃‍♀️

- BeadMaster 📿

She has a 🖤 for music, reading fictional smut, bold, colorful jewelry, wearing black, short hair, swearing like a truck driver,
avoiding the bull$hit, and being her quirky self.

But how did Chic by Christina come to be?

Christina's lifelong enjoyment of expressing her unique sense of style forged the way for an exciting brand that provides women with a custom piece of
fashion art to elevate their look for any occasion.

Each creation is crafted with care, utilizing semi-precious gemstones, fine metals, and leather to create bold, durable, and distinct designs that transcend the predictable, mass-produced, blasé trends.

Christina's goal is to help women unfriend the trend and find a
design that fits their individual style, taste, and budget, while at the same time giving back to a worthy cause by donating a portion of sales to the
American Heart Association.