RIPLEY - is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Ripley is "shouting man's meadow".

*youthful, informal, devious, strong, strange, nerdy*



Agate has the power to harmonize Yin and Yang energies. It also brings great strength to the wearer in order to let go of negative feelings and foster love.



Christina crafted this bracelet with Valentine's Day in mind. The creation of this bracelet was filled with emotions of love and positivity. Wear this bracelet and forget the negativity, while exuding love and kindness.



Handcrafted gemstone bracelet made with a 14k gold pave heart bead with faceted agate and 14k plated chain detail.




- 1mm extra strength elastic cord


- Handmade jewelry


- Made in the USA


- Gemstone bracelets


- Chic bracelets