Holiday Gift Ideas...

The holidays are just around the corner! I remember being a little girl, when every time I’d hear that saying, I’d picture the holidays as a big parade coming up from the village near our home. I’m sure that sort of image was, and still is, common among children. But really, they are just around the corner. We’re all going to lay down for a nap and wake up to our clock radio screaming “only fourteen shopping days until Christmas!” Of course, with the way 2020 is going, I bet we all wish we could go to sleep and wake up sometime in the future!

Another thing I think we all have in common is that woman on our shopping list that we just can’t think of what to get for her. Husbands, pay attention, because this could very well be your wife. Over the years, have you exhausted every possible idea of what gift might make her spirit soar with excitement and her eyes pop out of her head. Of course, in the case of many husbands and their gift ideas, it may very well be that her eyes roll first…”oh honey, how wonderful of you to get us this DJI-Mavic 2 Quadcopter drone to enjoy together.”

Regardless of who this woman in your life is, Chic by Christina handmade jewelry has you covered. Imagine her unwrapping her holiday gift and discovering a beautiful, elegant, eye-catching bracelet or necklace bursting with color and uniqueness. An accessory she can wear whether in a dressed up or casual setting. Most of all, she’ll have something that is entirely hers, for no one else anywhere will have a bracelet or necklace that is identical.

Our variety of designs allows you to select something that you, as the giver, feels best captures and describes her to you, giving the gift a personal element. You can also order a custom piece to be designed especially for her. When it comes to the combination of precious gemstones, sterling silver or gold pendants, colors, etc., the sky is truly the limit.

The best part is that not only will you be giving a truly unique gift, but will also be supporting a worthy cause as well. 10% of the proceeds of every purchase is given to Direct Relief (, an organization dedicated to assisting people here in the United States and in over 80 countries who are struggling with poverty or emergencies. Direct Relief has played a major role in assisting medical workers and facilities with obtaining protective gear during the COVID-19 pandemic, which, as an ER nurse, is a cause that’s very personal for me.

To all, a most happy and blessed holiday season, and a wonderful (and hopefully calmer) new year!