Hand-Crafted Organic Bracelets Designed for Expression

Who are you, and where you are now, or where are you heading? Chic by Christina’s hand-crafted organic bracelets are each given a name and fashioned with expression to give you that wordless introduction of yourself to the world.

Browse, enjoy, thank you for donations to the Leukemia Society from 10% of any purchases of our charity bracelets, and feel free to express yourself by Contacting Us.

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  • Ruth

    Quietly elegant and spiritual with beads of cork and pearl, with a gold-plated cross Behind the Name, Ruth: From a Hebrew name that was derived from the Hebrew word רְעוּת (re'ut) meaning "friend". This is the name of the central character in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. She was a Moabite woman who accompanied her mother-in-law Naomi back to Bethlehem after Ruth's husband died. There she met and married Boaz. She was an ancestor of King David.
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  • Virginia

    Elegant, softly colorful feminine array of pink and purple with beads of glass, agate, ceramic and quartz with a sterling silver heart accent. Behind the Name, Virginia: Feminine form of the Roman family name Verginius or Virginius, which is of unknown meaning, but long associated with Latin virgo "maid, virgin". According to a legend, it was the name of a Roman woman killed by her father so as to save her from the clutches of a crooked official.
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  • Zodiac Bracelets

    Softly colorful from natural mineral beads for everyday wear to complement anything, and to subtly offset your Zodiac charm of choice.
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