Happy New Year! Those words always represent the start of a new chapter in each of our individual stories, as well as our collective story. They are filled with hope for better and brighter days – something I’m sure we all can get on board with after the year we just experienced. Each of us is filled with dreams and ambitions, and visions of what we imagine the best version of our life looking like. The change of the year is often a time to reflect on where we are in the process of making that a reality, and establishing tangible goals to bring us closer to our destination.

With each year that goes by, I realize how important it is that we savor each moment along the road of our journey. Too often, we get caught up in the everyday routines of things like work, school, taking care of the kids, etc. We plan and plan, and busy ourselves. If we’re not careful, we can get so caught up in planning for all the good things that could be in the future that we forget to stop, breathe, and enjoy the precious moments in the now – the people, the places, and the experiences that are all once in a lifetime. Even in years like the one we just had, there are beautiful moments and wonderful memories.

Sometimes our expression through fashion can represent such tendencies as well. How often have we purchased an item of clothing or an accessory that we absolutely adore, only to store it away in a closet or drawer for some “special occasion?” Every day is meant to be lived with 1000% effort, enthusiasm, and participation.

It’s my hope and prayer that 2021 will be a year of opportunity, filled with health, success, and blessings for each of you. As you step confidently into the new year, may the smile on your face, the style that you express, and the vibrance of energy all around you truly reflect the unique and beautiful woman you truly are!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you in the Chic by Christina family. Without even knowing, you’ve all helped me tremendously in recent times. As you know, this has been a difficult time for everyone. We often hear the sentiments about how we’re “in this together” and how we can make it through.

Over the last couple of months, as a nurse in the ER, there has been an uptick in COVID cases. For all of us on the front lines, it’s been an exhausting marathon from the beginning to the end of every shift, as we see firsthand the impact this illness is having on communities all across the country.

Two weeks ago, I noticed I was extremely tired, having difficulty swallowing and wasn’t feeling myself. At first, I thought it was just fatigue from the long, busy shifts. However, I soon discovered that my throat was enlarged with a pretty significant-sized goiter (an enlarged thyroid). I went for bloodwork, and found out that my thyroid levels were off the charts. Of course, I was immediately tested for COVID as a possible cause, which turned out to be negative. I was put on medication to lower my numbers while I’ve been going to numerous appointments with specialists as they try to pinpoint what is wrong and how to proceed.

This has been, as you can imagine, quite discouraging. I’ve wanted to get back into the ER and be able to help my team and the patients during this spike in the pandemic, but have been forced to sit on the sidelines these last two weeks.

The one thing that has given me a sense of hope and drive has been Chic by Christina. The enthusiasm and support so many have extended to me regarding the jewelry they have received has truly been an inspiration and made some dark days brighter. Jewelry has more than its physicality, it has emotion and meaning. You all have shown me that the right piece can mean so much more to the person wearing it and to the person receiving it as a gift. I’m truly blessed to be able to share in that with all of you, and to be able to serve the greatest group of wonderful humans I could every ask for.

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

There’s an old saying about life being what happens while we’re busy making plans. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with planning. In fact, planning and following through is quite important when we seek to achieve goals. However, there are other factors at play, too. Some would say God, some fate or destiny, or our life or soul’s purpose. Or perhaps, some sort of combination of all. Sometimes, as we set our course in one direction, we can be led to new directions and destinations that we never imagined, and are far greater, than our initial plan. So my interpretation of that wise old adage would be that we need to have some flexibility as we chart our course, along with the faith and confidence that if we always strive to sincerely seek and live our purpose, the way will be shown to us.

In thinking about all of this, I decided to design a bracelet using a 14k gold charm of a compass. In past generations, before the age of GPS, the compass was a critical tool for anyone setting out on a journey. When used correctly, it could literally show us the way to our destination. Of course, if navigators were thrown off course for some reason, the compass setting might have to be readjusted to either get us to our original destination or to a new one.

Before I designed the piece, I had a very literal affirmation of all these thoughts. I received an email that I had been accepted into the family nurse practitioner program I had applied for months ago. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. However, as I waited to find out over these past few months, I began to worry maybe I wouldn’t be accepted. I had to tell myself if it’s meant to be, it will happen, and if not, something else will unfold. As you can imagine, being that practical is not always an easy mindset to achieve by any means. However, when I read the acceptance, the significance of the compass took on a very real and personal meaning for me.

Whatever it is you’re pursuing, or whatever journey you’re on, set your compass, unfurl your sails, and most importantly, take that first step, trusting that you will be guided to the beautiful destination you’re meant to arrive at.

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