Chic by Christina revels at the intersection of all that makes you the unique, dynamic, beautiful woman that you are. The result: a bold, distinct bracelet that transcends shifting trends and tells the world that you are truly one of a kind.

        Chic by Christina is an oasis for the fashion-forward woman who seeks to share her personal flair and put her own stamp on style. Founder and owner Christina Russo is the heart, soul, and creative force of Chic by Christina, which began as her way of unwinding from the stresses of a demanding career as a critical care nurse. She quickly fell in love with the process of combining various fine gemstones, materials, and colors and transforming them into something that captured a kaleidoscope of color and emotion. Soon, a boutique was born.

        In addition to the long hours of being a full-time nurse, Christina manages all aspects of the company. Carefully pouring herself into the formation of each piece, Christina creates with the exceptional, discerning woman in mind, and seeks to provide a product that’s more than merely material, but is also an outpouring of one’s unique, confident, feminine aura. Whether you seek to bring out the bold, celebrate the subtle, amplify the elegant, or electrify with swankiness, this upstate New York-based company is your port in an ever-growing sea of bracelet choices. Whatever your mood, wherever the setting, Chic by Christina is your wrist armor for self-expression.

        The company’s mission to serve extends beyond its own family of clients and into the community at large. Moved by her front row seat to the trials, hardships, and challenges people face, Christina has arranged for a portion of each sale to be donated to Direct Relief, an organization that works to provide aid for victims of emergencies, as well as to help improve overall health and well-being of underserved populations. Currently, Direct Relief has provided more than 300 tons of medical provisions and $13 million in financial assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the war there.

        In a world that’s often about conformity and mass production, Chic by Christina seeks to provide you with the opportunity to step out and define yourself, while looking and feeling great and knowing that your purchase has also made a positive impact beyond yourself. Let us help you confidently wear you!