Our Story

Chic by Christina revels at the intersection of all that makes you the unique, confident, beautiful woman that you are, represented by vibrant colors, gemstones, leather and sterling silver or 14k gold. The result: a bold, distinct product that transcends shifting trends and tells the world that you are truly one of a kind.














Hi, and welcome!

        I’m Christina Russo, the founder and designer of Chic by Christina, which is headquartered in Upstate New York, surrounded by rolling hills and glittering lakes.

        From the time I was young, I had a distinct style and a strong desire to follow it. From an early age, I always seemed to put my own spin on my outfits. Over time, I developed an interest in designing my own accessories, particularly bracelets. Falling in love with the process of taking various materials, shapes, and colors, and bringing them together in harmony, I found myself not just creating a physical piece of jewelry, but emotions, which brought every bracelet to life.

        Chic by Christina also stems from my experiences as a critical care nurse. It has given me a front row seat to the challenges and hardships people experience. This and other personal experiences left me wanting to do more. It was an easy decision for me to give back a portion of each sale to Direct Relief, who works to provide aid for victims of emergencies, as well as to help improve overall health and well-being. This organization first came to my attention during the first wave of COVID-19, when they were providing PPE throughout the United States and around the world to those fighting on the front lines.

        In a world that is often about trends and conformity, I seek to provide other like-minded women with the opportunity to step out, be different, and define themselves. Our bracelets allow you to express who you are, no matter where you go.​ Each piece is infused with exclusivity, utilizing the highest quality materials. Each piece is handmade in the USA, with a passion to make you feel beautiful, confident and what makes you, you. When you wear Chic by Christina bracelets you can look good and feel good knowing you have made a difference and have a custom piece of jewelry no one else in the world has. Let us help you share YOU without saying a word!

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