You dare to dream. But you take that next all-important step, as you formulate your path, acknowledge your fears and challenges and then reach for the stars. For you, life is to be lived, and every day is an adventure. You’ve never been one to shy away, or to follow the crowd. This is YOUR story…

        Chic by Christina revels at the intersection of all that makes you the unique, confident, beautiful woman that you are, represented by an endless array of colors, gemstones, and sterling silver or 14-carat gold charms. The result: an elegant, timeless product that transcends shifting trends and tells the world that you are truly one of a kind.

When it began…

        My passion for creating and designing goes back to my early years. I was constantly drawing, and the subject area almost always centered around jewelry. The one recurring theme always centered around vivid color combinations. Perhaps this general love of creating and designing was passed down to me by my dad, who was an architect and engineer.

         As I grew older and began to establish my own personal style, I found myself constantly bucking the trends that my friends and schoolmates were into.

Dare to be different…

          My “quirkiness” continued into my adult years, as I decided to take a drastic fashion step and cut my hair quite short, at an age when all my peers were still very much into longer hairstyles. Looking back, I think I was using my hairstyle to define myself as someone who didn’t want to just follow the trends, but who wanted to create her own fashion statement.


        I entered college on a softball scholarship, a dream that was cut short after one year by a shoulder injury. Returning to my native state of Rhode Island, I felt disappointed and aimless. I began working at a local hospital. Little did I know it would be the beginning of my eventual career as a nurse, though back then all I knew is that I enjoyed helping people.

        In 2012 my husband and I got married, and a couple of years later, job opportunities led us to Kentucky. While there, I decided to enter nursing school. That decision was reinforced in 2016, when my dad was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and nearly died. It was the care and quick thinking of one of his nurses that I credit with saving his life, and I knew right there that was the type of nurse I wanted to be. Upon graduation in 2018, I began working in critical care. In early 2020, the desire to be a bit closer to family led us to Central New York, where I’ve continued my nursing career in emergency medicine.


        I absolutely love the opportunity to care for people in their sometimes most critical moments and impact their lives in a positive way. However, as you can imagine, many of my shifts are filled with high stress situations where lives are often literally on the line. As a way to unwind on my days off, I rediscovered my love of creating by making bracelets and necklaces for myself. It didn’t take long for family members, friends, and coworkers to begin asking me to design these items for them. After that, the road to starting my own business opened up before me.

Chic by Christina…

        As I formed Chic by Christina, I saw a twofold purpose to the journey I was embarking on. It seemed I had the most difficulty finding bracelets and necklaces that truly represented who I am: determined, confident, passionate, strong and hard-working, while all the while staying true to the elegance of all things feminine. I find that these small items can embellish any outfit for any purpose and can often even redefine an entire outfit. My creative passions seemed to always circle back to bracelets and necklaces, and the joy and excitement I found when coming up with a new design continued to grow as I began to create for others.

        In a world that is often about trends and conformity, I seek to provide other like-minded women with the opportunity to step out, be different, and define who they are. Whether you’re heading to the hospital (like me), office, the gym, or to a summer Sunday cookout, or wearing a business suit or athletic wear, Chic by Christina jewelry can provide the finishing touch to any outfit for any occasion, through the use of bold and eye-catching colors, textures, designs and high quality materials.

        Each Chic by Christina bracelet and necklace is literally one of a kind, just like you are. There will never be another one made exactly like it. So once you find the exact combination of gemstones, colors, and charms, the piece will literally be all yours!

        My second purpose has to do with my own personal experiences as a nurse and a daughter. Over the years of working in the hospital setting, even before I was a nurse, my eyes have been opened in a very real way to the challenges people face. As a nurse, I’ve treated so many patients with an endless variety of illnesses and complications. I’ve seen how much it can mean to patients and their loved ones to hear that there can be hope in curing or treating a disease that has brought them into the hospital. Sadly, I’ve also treated many patients for whom hope no longer exists as they succumb to illness.

        As I mentioned, in 2016, my own dad was diagnosed with CML. Through the intervention of many gifted doctors and dedicated nurses, he got a chance, and is successfully being treated today with medication. Without research and scientific advancement, my dad would no longer be with us. This in turn led me to the decision of making an impact with the donation of a portion of my sales to various charitable causes, so that others may have a chance like he did.

        Each month, 10% of every purchase of a Chic by Christina product will be donated to the charity/cause that is chosen for that particular month. There will also be limited edition bracelets specific to that month's featured charity.

Custom Requests…

        While I’m constantly adding to the Chic by Christina inventory, and while each piece is indeed one of a kind, I certainly invite and encourage people to contact me if you have a specific design in mind, or if you want something that is based on a piece you may have already seen on my website. While I never make an identical replication, I can make a design that is similar by using whatever charm or gemstone you request.

        All Chic by Christina products are infused with exclusivity and passion, utilizing the highest quality materials. Handmade in the USA to make you feel different, beautiful, strong, confident and what makes you, you. When you wear Chic by Christina jewelry you can look good and feel good knowing you have made a difference and have a custom piece of jewelry no one else in the world has. Let Chic by Christina tell your story without saying a word.

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